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Posted 2 years ago #

perfect. this allows us to see exactly what you are working with.

I guess my starting explaination of ‘Just add an «s» to make «button» plural’ wasn’t clear after looking at the example.
You need to get rid of the preceding underscore on line 369 as well and change yours from «_media_buttons» to «media_buttons»

Also, looking at the error that Adam’s problem is showing, it seems to be the same fix.

Change line 369
echo _media_button(__(‘Add an Image’), ‘images/media-button-image.gif?ver=20100531’, ‘image’,$scwp_plugin_name);
echo media_buttons(__(‘Add an Image’), ‘images/media-button-image.gif?ver=20100531’, ‘image’,$scwp_plugin_name);